Artificial Grass and Turf Suppliers

Italgreen is one of the most popular artificial grass suppliers in Europe, with several customers among private citizens, public and private companies, sport clubs and teams. We supply innovative solutions for both garden design and sport courts.


Whatever your needs are in terms of artificial grass, Italgreen is ready to help you with several products, each designed for a specific application. With over thirty years of experience in the production and supply of synthetic grass turf, we have developed the best design for every requirement.

We supply:

  • Artificial grass for landscape and garden design
  • Artificial grass for every kind of sports court


If you are an owner of a private or public garden, do not hesitate to ask us for a supply of artificial grass: the grass we produce for garden and landscape design is recommended for private and public gardens, green areas and flowerbeds, green installation in offices and public spaces.

Three are three main types of artificial turf we supply for gardens and landscape, all studied to ensure you the best result in terms of aesthetic and ease of maintenance:

  • Dreamy
  • Fine
  • Riccio


If you dream of a true English lawn, Dreamy is the kind of luxurious green artificial grass for you.

Its double-filament structure originates curly fibers of the thatch layer that give softness and stability, while the higher dark green fibers lends it the natural appearance of the English lawn.

It is available in two pile heights:

  • 35 mm
  • 20 mm

Robust and hygienic – it is very easy to keep tidy and clean –, this turf is ideal if you have children or pets.


As artificial glass suppliers, we usually suggest this lawn for:

  • Residential landscapes
  • Swimming-pool surrounds
  • Playgrounds
  • Urban landscaping
  • Rooftops


For those who seek for shiny Mediterranean summer lawns we supply a kind of artificial grass called Fine – the name is indeed a good omen itself. Due to the brown-beige blades blended in that reproduce the realistic look of the soil, this turf provides and extremely natural look and, at the same time, it is resilient and shock-resistant – perfect if your pet runs all around the garden or if your children are used to play outdoor.


As for its fibers, the curly ones of the thatch layer give softness and compactness, and the higher two-tone light green fibers give the feel of a natural lawn.

Fine artificial grass is ideal if you:

  • Desire a luxurious garden
  • Need to arrange green areas, special settings and flower beds along the streets
  • Want to decorate rooftops, residential landscapes, swimming-pool surrounds


Do you want to turn a neglected outdoor space into an elegant green and natural area? Here’s Riccio, a king of synthetic grass made of 3.5 mm polypropylene with a natural effect, resistant to discoloration due to UV rays, pedestrians walking and bicycles.


Riccio is suitable for:

  • Urban décor (rotaries, traffic islands, pedestrian areas)
  • Company and school yards and playgrounds
  • Rooftop terraces

Choosing Italgreen as artificial grass and turf suppliers for garden and landscape design

Beside the fact that with an artificial grass lawn you will save a lot of money – as you won’t need much maintenance nor irrigation – by choosing us as your artificial turf suppliers you will be certain to receive a mantle that is:

  • Made of non-toxic and anti-shock artificial grass
  • Ideal for children and pets
  • Tear-resistant
  • Easy to clean and sanitize

In need of a spectacular artificial lawn?



What we are the most known for on an international level is our activity as suppliers of artificial grass turf for sport courts. Our customers include both premiere-league teams and small companies looking for high quality artificial grass for their sport fields.

We supply artificial grass for the following sports:

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • American football
  • Tennis
  • Padel
  • Golf
  • Hockey

In fact, more and more sport federations are choosing artificial turfs basically because of the advantages they convey:

  • Easy maintenance – no need of irrigation
  • Perfect and usable all year long also after heavy rain
  • Shock-absorbency
  • Optimal ball bounce and sliding
  • Great foot grip and torsion during playing movements


Here are some of the most popular artificial grass products for the sports field.


It is an innovative artificial grass mantle with a special diamond shape that comes in two colours schemes providing a pleasant aesthetic effect and beautiful simulation of natural grass.

This particular design guarantees:

  • Excellent resistance
  • High elastic memory for a great ball bounce and natural feeling.
  • Resistance to ice and to UV rays



Superior resistance and great elastic memory are the main features of this double diamond-shaped mantle. The design features a two colour scheme for best simulation of natural grass, which is gained also in the terms of tactile feeling and comfort of use and play.

This is the ideal turf for rugby and football.


It is a versatile artificial grass mantle, designed to fit to different sports like:

  • futsal
  • football
  • tennis
  • padel

This is the most requested and popular among our artificial mantles. The turf is characterised by a smooth yarn made of high quality materials that guarantee resistance and long life. The two colour scheme provides an excellent aesthetic effect.

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This three colour and three-shaped artificial grass mantle is one of the best solutions for football pitches. This product matches the winning features of the best mantles, combined in a revolutionary product.

The results?

  • Exceptional duration
  • Incredible natural feeling
  • Stunning aesthetic effect

Just to tell you, we have gained the FIFA Quality and Quality PRO certification as suppliers of this artificial turf.



Due to its special fibres consisting of four sections that are grouped rather than twined, All Star is recommended for 

  • football
  • rugby

The surface is 52 mm high, and ensures optimal refection qualities and slipperiness, reducin the level of abrasion and glare.


The combination of two kinds of long-lasting polyethylen monofilaments has originated this artifical turf characterised by high elastic memory and natural colour scheme.

In addition, Zerofill does not require stabulisation or perfomance infill.


If you look for artificial grass for Padel, you can choose between two special kinds of artificial grass: 12 Padel Pro or 14 Padel. Respectively 10 and 12 mm high, these mantles ensure: 

  • resistance to ice and UV rays
  • elastic memory
  • perfect ball bounce


Innovation from your artificial turf suppliers: Powergrass®

What we cannot help but doing is investing on innovation to deliver you the best synthetic mantles.

PowerGrass® is the latest result of our research, a hybrid system offering:

  • more practical installation
  • more efficacy
  • better resistance over time
  • less maintenance, with a consequent remarkable reduction in maintenance costs.

Take a look at our innovations for what regards artificial turf, infills and underfelts.



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Artificial grass suppliers and much more

One strength point of ours is that we are not only artificial grass and turf suppliers, we are producers too. This means that we are able to guarantee the quality of all our products because we can control the whole production chain.

What is more, our role does not end once you choose the kind of lawn you need. We are also here to help you install the mantle and all the auxiliary structures such as:

  • Underfelts
  • Fences
  • Lighting
  • Irrigation
  • Equipment
  • Draining and anti-shock underfelts
  • Infills

We have installed hundreds of artificial lawns worldwide: take a look at our references.


Maintenance services from your artificial turf suppliers

Last, but not the least, we can schedule together ordinary or extra-ordinary maintence to ensure your artificial turfs is alway perfect under any condition. Here’s what we have to offer:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Periodic sanitation
  • Periodic irrigation
  • Watering on hot days
  • Periodic repairs
  • Periodic testing

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