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At Italgreen, not only do we supply, we also manufacture artificial grass either for sports and for landscape. Our lines of synthetic turf respond to different purposes: find out here all our services to get a ready-to-use artificial field that looks like a natural one.

Since the 1980s we have been manufacturing artificial grass for sports and gardens, reaching important goals:

  • We have achieved quality certifications issued by the National Amateur League (LND)
  • We designed and installed the first synthetic turf football field for an A series team
  • We built and certified the first 100% recyclable fields approved by FIGC and FIR
  • We designed and installed the first synthetic turf football field for the Brazilian A series

We became one of the most acclaimed artificial grass manufacturers by offering a various range of synthetic turfs whose yarns are made in compliance with European standards and designed by keeping in mind the needs and wants of the athletes and the owners of the field.


All the kinds of artificial grass we manufacture

We produce five main kinds of artificial turf for sports, and three lines of synthetic ornamental grass for gardens, rooftops, and landscapes.

Let’s have a look at each of them.

Artificial sports turf

As artificial grass manufacturers we always consider the needs of either athletes and owners. This is why we test every mantle in our laboratories: we guarantee that Italgreen’s synthetic grass has passed the strictest LISPORT wear tests as well as UV rays deterioration with flying colours tests.

Here are the kinds of synthetic grass manufactured by Italgreen.


Due to its special monofilament fibre, this grass is extremely resistant to weakening caused by the effects of ultra-violet light and ice, and consequently lasts longer. The special elongated diamond shape makes the fibres immediately go back to a vertical position after being trod on, ensuring perfect ball bounce during football matches.

Double 4

Resistant to strain, UV rays and ice, this mantle is characterised by a diamond shape and a mix of yarns that recreate the aesthetic and tactile effect of a natural field. We suggest this artificial turf for rubgy and football.


12 Padel Pro

This artificial grass is made of 10-millimetres-high texturized polyethylene fibres that resist the effects of ice and ultra violet light. Its fibres also go straight back into a vertical position after being trod on, ensuring perfect ball bounce and good grip for the athletes.

14 Padel

Due to its high degree of shape memory, this 12-millimetres-high grass ensures that the fibres immediately go straight back into a vertical position after being trod on thus guaranteeing perfect foot grip and ball bounce, like 12 Padel Pro.

Still wondering how many kinds of artificial grass we can manufacture?

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All Star

All Star is made of 52-milimmitres-high special fibres consisting of four sections that are grouped and tied together rather than twined. They are made of ESENE C6 polymers in polyethylene which provide a high degree of durability as well as a natural look.



Green HD

Green HD is one of the most versatile mantles suitable for:

  • Futsal courts
  • Multi-sport football fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Padel courts

We have recently revised the Green HD technology so to give it superior resilience and elastic memory, and an extremely natural look due to its two-coloured scheme and smooth yarns.

Lesmo 3S

We have combined Lesmo HD and Double 4 to create Lesmo 3S, a mantle characterised by three colours and three shapes that integrates all the advantages of the best synthetic turfs. If you look for an innovative, yet natural looking football field, this is the kinds of artificial grass you need.



The combination of two kinds of durable and long-lasting polyethylene monofilaments has originated the new Zerofill grass. The combination of the threads creates three shades of green and a surface that reduces the amount of abrasion.




Which kinds of synthetic grass do you need?

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Landscape grass

Our experience as artificial grass manufacturers has lead us to design also decorativeart grass, whose main characteristics are naturalness, aesthetic impact and easy maintenance. We produce three types of landscape turf:


Available in two pile heights – 35 mm and 20 mm – Dreamy perfectly recreates the look of an English lawn for an all-year-round luscious and green garden.


Its pale green yarns recall the idea of a shiny Mediterranean summer lawn: while the curly fibres of the thatch layer give softness and compactness, the higher two-tone light green fibres give the feel of a natural lawn.


Robust and always green, Riccio is the ideal synthetic grass to provide a clean and organised look for urban décor such as rotaries, traffic islands, pedestrian areas, but also for school yards, playgrounds, terraces, as it is a short synthetic manufactured with 3.5mm polypropylene so to creates a pleasant natural effect thanks to its curly yarns – ‘riccio’ actually means ‘curl’.


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All the advantages of an artificial grass manufacturer like Italgreen

When you decide to cover your field with synthetic turf, be sure you choose a reliable and experienced artificial turf manufacturer.

For example, at Italgreen we provide you with a series of services that go well beyond the simple installation of your artificial lawn:

  • After inspection and topographic surveys, we are able to give you some advice on the most suitable kinds of artificial grass
  • We offer many different kinds of synthetic grass
  • We deliver you a ready-to-use field whether you need it for sports or recreational activities
  • We internally produce all the types of grass, infills and underfelts
  • We assist you also after the installation of the grass mantle by providing you regular cleaning, periodic sanitation, periodic irrigation, watering on hot days, periodic repairs and testing (these services are upon request)

In addition, note that a synthetic grass lets you save some money for it does not require many maintenance intervention or irrigation. Especially, if you opt for an artificial mantle for sports, you will be sure to use it all-year-round even after heavy rain or bad weather as the draining system avoids puddle formation and mud on the lawn surface.


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