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Artificial lawn

Italgreen produces a high quality artificial lawn for private gardens, public or corporate green spaces, hotels and sports fields. Discover our innovative products.

Padel courts: benefits, construction and installation

Padel is a widespread sport across the world finding a strong growth in Italy. Installing a padel court can be a great investment for managers and owners of a sports center. Discover all the benefits of converting to Padel, as well as all the services Italgreen can offer you for designing, building and installing turn-keys of padel courts, with an exclusive patent that minimizes maintenance costs.

Italgreen has been designing and building synthetic grass tennis courts for over 30 years. This material ensures optimal bounce and year-round ...
Artificial Grass Suppliers

Italgreen is one of the most popular artificial grass suppliers in Europe, with several customers among private citizens, public and private companies, sport clubs and teams. We supply innovative solutions for both garden design and sport courts.

Synthetic grass tennis court: benefits and supply
Throughout its over thirty years of experience, Italgreen has been able to become one of the leading producers of synthetic grass for different spo...
Artificial grass for sports

Since 1980s at Italgreen we have been investing all our efforts on developing artificial grass for sports, the solution to muddy, uneven natural playing fields. We are able to carry you throughout the whole construction process of a synthetic grass field, from the design until the actual installation. As a result, you will have a ready-to-use artificial grass turf!

Artificial grass manufacturers

At Italgreen, not only do we supply, we also manufacture artificial grass either for sports and for landscape. Our lines of synthetic turf respond to different purposes: find out here all our services to get a ready-to-use artificial field that looks like a natural one.

Sports artificial grass

When it comes to update your sport field, sports artificial grass is one of the best solutions as it replicates the qualities of a natural lawn, such as softness and beautiful aesthetics, but with much lower maintenance costs and all-year-round playability.

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