Sports turf

Italgreen, a world leader in the production of sports turf, produces a synthetic grass mantle available in many variations to meet the demands of every sport. Italgreen products are 100% made in Italy, certified according to the internationational regulations.

Football Turf

Synthetic turf for football, futsal, 8-a-side courts


Rugby and American football fields are the ones most subject to strain. Italgreen has studied avant-garde solutions to provide players with a perfect field all year round.

Tennis turf

The first synthetic turf for use with sports was employed in tennis courts, 30 years ago. Since then, Italgreen has always used avant-garde technology, to provide tennis players with a court that is on par with more classic surfaces.

Synthetic turf for padel fields

Italgreen has developed "ready to use" solutions in the production and installation of Padel synthetic turf tennis court, for professional and regular use, based on the feedback provided by professionals of the sector.

Golf turf

Italgreen's synthetic turf for golf is the maximum technological expression of the potentiality of synthetic turf for use in sports. 

Hockey Turf

Hi-tech solutions, such as Italgreen System Waterbase, guarantee high-performance matches that are appreciated by professionals of the sector.


It all begins with the study and development of avant-garde materials and products, conceived to guarantee the best gameplay in every kind of sport, minimise mainteinance and optimise aesthetics. The next phase is the production of yarns and sports turf mantles entirely made in Italy. Italgreen's production and innovative capacity allows it to develop and produce every element for the complete construction of sport fields.


Sports turf manufacturers and beyond: complete installation

Italgreen offers a fully dedicated, customised project to design and set up sport fields and structures, regardless of the request.

sports turf system basically consists of three different products:

  • Sports turf mantle
  • Infill for the synthetic turf mantle
  • Draining and anti-shock underfelt

These three products may vary according to the sport and its application.



30 years experience in sports turf manufacturing

Thanks to its thirty years' experience, Italgreen creates sport turf systems that reach high performance standards and a perfect aesthetic result.

Italgreen can manage and control each and every aspect of the production and installation process, from the laboratory to the synthetic turf field – and can therefore compose the perfect synthetic turf system, tailor-made for each sport and each client.

Each synthetic turf system has different parameters that must be respected according to the final intended use requested by the client. Italgreen boasts the best national and international certificates for any sport, such as football, rugby, hockey, padel, tennis, golf.



The advantages of our sports synthetic grass

A field made of high quality sports synthetic grass represents the opportunity, for all sportsmen, to practice every sport at its best in any situation. The quality of the sports turf depends on every single factor, from the single plastic filament to the variety of sand used for the infill; a good mantle of synthetic turf has a long list of advantages:

  1. Unlimited use of the field: a sports turf field can be used far beyond the limits of a natural pitch
  2. Lower maintenance costs: a natural grass pitch needs constant attention and is subject to seasonal weather conditions
  3. Greater safety: thanks to advanced studies on the playing field, it is possible to create a kind of sports synthetic grass that adequately cushions the impact with the ground, reducing the risk of injury and abrasion related to slipping
  4. Available all year round: you can use sports synthetic grass turf all year round and in any season, thanks to its high resistance to all weather conditions
  5. It improves game performances: a sports turf field is designed for those who play sports, absorbs the shock of impact with the foot and restores the energy necessary for the momentum.


In the listing below, you can take a look at all the sports turfs we manufacture to get more information about specific products and processes. Please feel free to contact us if you want to ask any information or get a free quote for your customised sport field.


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