Football Turf

Italgreen football turf represents the maximum technological expression of its genre. It guarantees easy maintenance, exceptional aesthetic appearance and exceptional performance for football and all its derivations such as futsal and 8-a-side courts.

Discover more about our football turfs, their advantages, and the technology behind.

Football Pitch Turf

Our goal is to offer players synthetic football pitch turf that enhances technique, allowing for a spectacular match. Italgreen works with feedback from professional football players and coaches, to continuously improve its own technology and offer a unique synthetic football turf that is appreciated all over the world.

Futsal turf

Matches of this sport are very technical and fast. For this reason, its courts must ensure controlled rebound, speedy movements, and fluid sliding for the ball, to enhance the spectacular aspect that is typical of this sport.

Synthetic turf for 8-a-side fields

synthetic turf system for 7-a-side or 8-a-side football must ensure optimal ball rebound and sliding, practically identical to the requirements for a regular football field.



Italgreen synthetic football turf is designed and produced according to the most severe international regulations, in order to guarantee maximum safety, shock absorption and non-allergenic properties.  The constant research and innovation that distinguish the Italgreen model has allowed the Italian company to obtain important certifications such as FIGC and FIR. The artificial football turf produced by Italgreen is approved according to the most recent European standard, it is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.




One passion, many kinds of football turf

At Italgreen’s you will find five kinds of football turf purposely produced for football, futsal and 8-a-side courts:

  • Double 4 – an avant-garde mantle characterised by double diamond shape, for maximum resilience and elastic memory
  • Lesmo 3S – the combination of Double 4 with previous Lesmo HD gave birth to this football turf which integrates all the advantages of the best football mantles
  • DMX – it is made of monofilament fibres that ensure great resilience and perfect ball bounce
  • All Star – a football turf that provides not only a natural look but also an excellent playing surface
  • Zerofill – made of durable and long-lasting polyethylene monofilament, this kind of turf does not require any stabilisation or performance infill


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Italgreen has been a leading football turf supplier since 1983: more than thirty years, spent in researching and testing the perfect balance between performance, safety and aesthetic. Our artificial football turf is the result of the work of many people, whose passion transforms each single turf into a very special place, which enhances the technique and allows spectacular play. Since 1983, we have been recognized and chosen as reliable football turf suppliers by many Premier League teams, in Italy and abroad.


Since 1983, we have been recognized and chosen as reliable football turf suppliers by many Premier League teams, in Italy and abroad.


Football turf maintenance

Beside supplying and installing football turfs, we also offer a maintenance service to keep the grass mantle always at its best. This service is available upon request and includes:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Periodic sanitation
  • Periodic irrigation
  • Watering on hot days
  • Periodic repairs
  • Periodic testing



Why choose Italgreen football turf? Here are some of the advantages of our turf:

  1. Customization: we create football turf by studying the needs of your company and terrain particularities.
  2. Realism: our synthetic grass is designed to guarantee a realistic and natural effect, both visually and under the players’ feet.
  3. Ideal ball sliding and bouncing: our football fields are designed for a smooth gaming experience, in any weather, 365 days a year.
  4. Optimal grip and torsion of the foot: our artificial football turf is designed to absorb impacts as a real soil, reducing slipperiness and avoiding abrasions.
  5. Little maintenance: building a synthetic football turf is a long-term investment, as no major maintenance is required after installation.


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