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The synthetic turf was born in the ‘60s in the United States and was used immediately in the sports field because of its great resistance compared to the natural grass. Italgreen begins its history in the early ‘80s, in its historic headquarters in Villa d'Adda, in Bergamo, in over thirty years has developed dozens of high quality products and has made the history of the synthetic turf industry.

Italgreen's passion has remained unchanged over time, still anchored to that first historical frame of 1980, as well as the desire to seek new solutions and to pursue a new way of making synthetic, ecological and eco-friendly turf, which exploits the new technologies.

The benefits of synthetic turf

The synthetic turf has undergone several transformations over time, becoming increasingly suitable for different types of sports and also very popular on the decorative level. Italgreen produces many types of synthetic turf, suitable for different situations and purposes. What are the benefits of an Italgreen synthetic turf?

Adaptable to weather conditions

Italgreen synthetic turf do not suffer from any weather conditions, they resist temperature variations, remain aesthetically pleasing in every season and are feasible at any time of the year.

Resistant and long-lived

Synthetic turf is obviously very resistant compared to its natural cousin, this translates into a longer coat life, whose conditions do not change during the year, drastically reducing maintenance operations.

Clean and hygienic

A big benefit of synthetic turf is to be immune from organic contamination, it does not attract insects and mosquitoes, saving you the use of pesticides and other harmful substances. Italgreen uses only materials and production processes that comply with international standards, all of its products are 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly.

The high quality of Italgreen products

Italgreen is proud of the quality of its products that have led, over time, to the achievement of various awards.

  • Italgreen has installed more than one third of the LND-approved synthetic lawns in Italy;
  • He designed the first synthetic turf field for a Serie A team in Italy;
  • The Italian company has built and approved the first 100% recyclable fields approved by FIGC and FIR;
  • Italgreen has designed and built the first synthetic turf soccer field in the top Brazilian series.

Choose the most suitable synthetic turf covering for you, try the high quality of Italgreen products!

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Synthetic turf for domestic use: private gardens, pool areas, public spaces, corporate venues and much more. 

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