italgreenfor 7/8-a-side football

Synthetic turf for 8-a-side fields

Two recent, smaller versions (in terms of size of playing area and number of players) of football are 8-a-side and 7-a-side, played by amateurs and beginners.

The two sports share, more or less, the same rules of traditional football, but the performance demands requested by sports surfaces dedicated to these disciplines remain the same.

Italgreen works every day to develop synthetic turf systems perfect for 8-a-side football, to reduce installation and maintenance costs while offering a quality of play that is identical to what is obtained playing on traditional football fields used by professionals.
These fields require versatility of use.


A synthetic turf 8-a-side football court can be used for many hours a day, for matches, training, other events. This is why Italgreen has developed surfaces that are comfortable for young people and adults, all the while extremely resistant to all kinds of strain, and with long durability.

A synthetic turf system for 8-a-side or 7-a-side football must ensure optimal ball rebound and slide, practically identical to the requirements for a regular football field.

Synthetic turf for 8-a-side football grows at Italgreen.

Why choose Italgreen turf
  • Optimal ball bounce
  • Ideal ball sliding
  • Optimal foot grip and torsion during playing movements
  • Fluid playing
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