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Synthetic turf for futsal fields

Futsal was born in Uruguay, in the late 20th century. Matches of this sport are very technical and fast. For this reason, its courts must ensure controlled rebound, speedy movements, and fluid sliding for the ball, to enhance the spectacular aspect that is typical of this sport.

Synthetic turf presents itself as the best surface for futsal fields, as it can combine the ideal canons of shock absorption, reducing abrasion from falls to a minimum.

Italgreen was the first European company to install synthetic turf on a futsal court, more than 30 years ago. Since then, our experience and technological research has led us to develop increasingly performing surfaces, with excellent visual effects, following the high-demanding feedback from players and coaches.

We offer synthetic turf systems both for professional indoor playing and for something more similar to traditional football, therefore outdoor, wearing shoes with cleats, always optimising installation and maintenance costs.

Our multi-purpose mantles make it possible to create efficient multi-sport courts with sports such as tennis and volleyball.

Synthetic turf for futsal fields grows at Italgreen.

Why choose Italgreen turf
  • Ball slides fast
  • Controlled bounce
  • Perfect foot grip when changing direction
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